Therapeutic laser treatment

Although more research is needed, many veterinarians are seeing effective improvement after therapeutic laser treatment in cats. More cat owners need to watch for displays of pain or mobility problems, especially since cats are very adept at hiding their pain or discomfort, and check their observations with their regular vet. Therapeutic lasers (very different from surgical lasers) operate at low-levels to “painlessly penetrate below the skin to help in healing.” Many benefits for cats include improvement in wound healing; sprains or strains in muscles, ligaments, and tendons; arthritis and degenerative disc and joint disease; post-surgical trauma; hip dysplasia; and inflammation.

“Why Fewer Cats Have Laser Therapy”.  Cat Watch 20(3) 1, 6-7. March 2016.  Cornell University, College of Veterinary Medicine Feline Heath Center.

Contact the Cat Hospital of Fairfax, Inc. to discuss therapeutic laser treatment for your cat’s pain. This service has been offered for about two years now and several clients have reported positive feedback for their cat post-treatment.