An important reminder for cat owners and cats is that Rabies is a human health concern, NOT just an animal health concern. All pets should be immunized for this fatal disease. For cats that never really go outside, the risk is low but NOT zero. The Virginia Sate Veterinary Epidemiologist, Dr. Darby, relayed that it is not uncommon for bats to get into homes. These have the potential to carry and spread the deadly Rabies virus, and, she adds, that almost daily there is one that tests positive for Rabies.

See information from the Fairfax County Department of Health regarding rabies at https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/health/rabies .

Heartworm prevention

Fleas and ticks are not the only pests from which your cat needs to be protected. Mosquito bites can transmit parasites - such as heartworms. And because you can’t see heartworms, testing is the only way to be sure your cat is clear of infection. See the information links below from the American Heartworm Society for more information:

Inside Heartworm Prevention in Cats

The Do’s and Dont’s of Feline Heartworm Prevention


Cats, fleas and ticks

Even if your cat stays indoors, she can still be at risk for parasites. Fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes can hitch a ride into your house with any human or other pet.  External parasites such as fleas and ticks may be easier to spot, but their bites, and those of mosquitoes, can also introduce internal parasites. Bite prevention is the best way to avoid parasite transmitted diseases and can be as simple as a monthly topical application or a collar. Read more at: Parasite Prevention from the American Association of Feline Practitioners.


And remember, we may think more about parasites in the summer, but they are year-round pests!


Wellness Cat Food Recall


(does NOT include Wellness Core)

·         All recalled items are 12.5 oz cans

·         Cans printed with August 4, 2018 best buy dates in these flavors:

o   Chicken

o   Chicken and Herring

o   Chicken and Lobster flavors

·         Cans printed with August 5, 2018 best buy dates in these flavors:

o   Turkey

o   Turkey and Salmon

o   Beef and Chicken

o   Beef and Salmon

If you have any of these items, email info@wellpet.com or call 1-877-224-9587

The Cat Hospital 25th Anniversary Celebration

To The Cat Hospital Family:     It is hard to believe that it has been 25 years at The Cat Hospital since I started my dream of a feline medicine practice.   I was!! surprised !!  by our staff and clients with a 25th Year celebration.   I am very touched,  and so appreciate all of you taking the time to honor my work.I received many thank you wishes and notes and I am grateful to you for trusting me with your precious companions.  It is by no means a one way street;   I have and will continue to learn an enormous amount from all of you.  Sincerest Thanks. 

Therapeutic laser treatment

Although more research is needed, many veterinarians are seeing effective improvement after therapeutic laser treatment in cats. More cat owners need to watch for displays of pain or mobility problems, especially since cats are very adept at hiding their pain or discomfort, and check their observations with their regular vet. Therapeutic lasers (very different from surgical lasers) operate at low-levels to “painlessly penetrate below the skin to help in healing.” Many benefits for cats include improvement in wound healing; sprains or strains in muscles, ligaments, and tendons; arthritis and degenerative disc and joint disease; post-surgical trauma; hip dysplasia; and inflammation.

“Why Fewer Cats Have Laser Therapy”.  Cat Watch 20(3) 1, 6-7. March 2016.  Cornell University, College of Veterinary Medicine Feline Heath Center.  http://www.catwatchnewsletter.com/issues/20_3/features/Why-Fewer-Cats-Have-Laser-Therapy_141519-1.html

Contact the Cat Hospital of Fairfax, Inc. to discuss therapeutic laser treatment for your cat’s pain. This service has been offered for about two years now and several clients have reported positive feedback for their cat post-treatment.

Pet Safe Fruits and Veggies

GOOD to share:

+        Apples

+        Broccoli

+        Cantaloupe

+        Carrots

+        Green Beans

+        Squash

+        Strawberries


OFF limits for pets:

-        Avocados

-        Figs

-        Garlic

-        Grapes

-        Onions

-        Raisins

-        Scallions


For more info: https://www.aspca.org/pet-care/animal-poison-control/people-foods-avoid-feeding-your-pets and http://www.aspcapetinsurance.com/101